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October 4, 2023


Please Watch Your Language Around Grover Norquist

For starters, “taxes” is an awful word, it pains him to have to utter it so often. Secondly, Rahm Emanuel could really use his mouth washed out with soap.

I’m sorry, have you met my libertarian friend Adrienne Gonzalez? She’d probably agree with you on several issues but you’d have to get comfortable with the colorful language.


Here’s a Video Explaining Why “Liberals” Want Higher Taxes

In case you haven’t already come up with your own theory.

[via TaxProf]

Some People Are Ready to Vote for a Caribou Killer in 2012, If Necessary

According to of reports, there is a tentative deal on tax cuts, with all of the current rates being extended for two years in exchange for an extension of unemployment benefits.

That has a few people upset with President Obama (notably, the “liberals,” whoever that is):

Daniel Roche, a 2008 Deputy Field Organizer in Nevada for Mr. Obama, is quoted in an email from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee saying that if the president “capitulates on this, there really is no point in voting for him in 2012.”

“The difference between voting for a Republican and voting for someone whose default negotiation strategy is rolling over and dying whenever the Republican Party says mean things is marginal,” he said. “This should be a ridiculously easy fight to win.”