Writing and covering accounting isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Trying to communicate complex accounting and taxes issues without sound like the latest edition of Kimmel, Weygandt, and Kieso is no small feat.

So when the AICPA released results of a survey that showed that half of Americans are able to save money while the other half are unable to save, the gang at Web CPA decided that this particular bit of data needed to be further broken down for those accountants whose brains are complete mush post-busy season.

Accordingly, they presented this story with the following headline:

“Half of Americans Save, Half Don’t”

Now you may be asking yourself, can this be possible? Is there some way that this equation be disproven? That is, can Americans somehow save and not save at the same time and thus the 50/50 split is rendered ludicrous? We’ve searched the entire Internet and unfortunately this is the only thing we’ve found, and since we’re not engineering experts it’s not so helpful.

One can safely assume that most of Web CPA’s visitors are accountants and, as mentioned above, now that busy season is over, asking them to crunch any more numbers would be a disservice to the readership.

Half of Americans Save, Half Don’t [Web CPA]