Thumbnail image for mark_paul_gosselaar_int.jpgIn a major win for D-List celebrities being able to treat regular people like animals, Kerry Katona, who reportedly punched her accountant and threw tea on him, has had the charges against her dropped, according to several reports.

Katona, who’s fame is still a mystery to us, will not face charges and will likely continue to enjoy the ability to abuse shiesty accountants until they are afforded protection under hate crime status.

This is troubling news as global economic conditions continue to stagnate, Mark-Paul Gosselaar-types here in America will likely remain out of work since the masses will only tolerate entertainment from the C-List and up.

The rest of the D-List community will no doubt take this dismissal of charges as a cue that regardless of where they fall on the fame hierarchy, their celebrity status will ensure that they are always right about everything. Including their dire financial situation and how they ARE NOT broke and the IRS cannot be right and everything will be fine just as soon as they catch a break.

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