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PwC Forensic Experts to Determine How Much Money PFGBest Customers Won’t Be Getting Back

The bright side in all this is…oh, let's face it: when your broker's auditor is in jorts, the situation is hopeless: Peregrine Financial Group's bankruptcy trustee has hired a team of forensic accountants to help figure out what remains at the failed futures brokerage after its CEO's arrest and confession to years of stealing from customers. PricewaterhouseCoopers […]

The First Sign of Trouble at PFGBest Might Have Been The Fact That Their Auditor Worked Out of a Living Room

When shopping around for an auditor, a strong, completely legit company might look for such things as prestige or number of years serving capital markets without going all Arthur Andersen on 'em but for belly-up brokerage firm PFGBest, it looks like some chick's house in the Chicago 'burbs was the perfect sort of office space […]

DC Cops Need Your Help Finding The Scrub Who Robbed DC Auditor’s Office

DC cops are looking for help from the public in tracking down the loser in jorts who nabbed two Dell laptops from the DC Auditor’s Office located at 700 block of 14th Street, NW. On Monday, April 16, at approximately 5:30pm, this scrub in a white t-shirt and blue cargo shorts entered the DC Auditor's […]