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On it like ConEd

Going Concern Mid-Busy Season Survey (2011)

Hey gang, the ad folks who run this laugh factory have asked that you take this short survey. I’ve been assured that it’s harmless, so kindly oblige them and we’ll never have to speak about it again.

Supposedly there are some fantastic swag in it for a few lucky few of you, so make haste.

We now return to your regularly scheduled inflammatory nonsense.

SEC Intends to Take All the Time It Needs to Make Up Its Mind on IFRS

So any retiring knights out there feeling anxious can just cool it. And rubbing elbows with Deloitte talking about how great things will be isn’t going to make the Commission work faster.

That being said, Jim Kroeker will have you know that things are going along swimmingly, per the Commission’s press release:

“The staff has invested significant time and effort in executing the Work Plan, and we’ve made great progress to date,” said SEC Chief Accountant Jim Kroeker. “This progress report emphasizes the importance of transparency in the staff’s activities, and can help the public’s understanding of the magnitude of this project and the staff’s progress.”

So make no mistake; the SEC is on this. However, they do have some concerns, “[W]hether the international accounting rule maker is truly independent and whether IFRS is high quality.”

So if you could address those two things, that would be appreciated. Sir David.