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I’m taking my money and going home

If You Won the Lottery Tomorrow, Would You Still Go to Work?

Serious question, especially since so many of you appear to be so miserable. If you won a few hundred million, would you do what Steve did? Steve Tran has come forward with a lottery ticket worth $324 million purchased in San Jose. He says he left his boss the following message — “I’m really sorry […]

Bob Moritz Will Not Be Buying Elections Until Politicians Can Play Nice

As Francine McKenna pointed out, this was an oddly public way for BoMo to express his disappointment in Congress: When “New Day” Anchor Chris Cuomo asked PricewaterhouseCoopers Chairman Robert Moritz if his company and other CEOs will withhold donations to lawmakers who do not fix the stalemate over the government shutdown and debt ceiling, he […]