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I’m not bitter or anything

Disgruntled Public Accounting Grunts Take To Urban Dictionary To Vent

Perhaps these Urban Dictionary entries pre-date Going Concern – or, as some might call it, "the before time" – when disgruntled public accountants had few forums outside of Facebook or IM to vent about depressing working conditions, billable hours and treatment bordering on slavery. Notice each of the Big 4 have a similar theme going […]

A Couple of Suggestions for NPR’s New CFO

NPR has a new CFO and if you’re not a public radio junkie, you might not give a shit less. For those of you that can’t function without hearing the soothing voices brought to you courtesy of your very own tax dollars, then this is big news.

Deborah Cowan is joining NPR from Radio One where she was SVP of finance. She also did stints at IBM and Coopers & Lybrand (look it up, young people).

Not sure if Ms Cowan will be able to weigh in on editorial matters but we humbly suggest more of the following:

Oh and if you could encourage your boss to reverse a particular asinine policy, that’d be great. Good luck in the new gig.