facebook at work.jpgSocial networking has reached new heights people. Now there’s a professional networking site that is specifically for “accountants, lawyers, and lenders”. HubStreet.com allows you to network professionally without that guy in IT trying to add you as connection because god, he’s such a geek.
No, HubStreet is here to make sure that those lesser beings out there can’t impose upon you in the virtual networking universe because you must enter your license number to even be allowed to register with the site*.
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HubStreet also claims “Take the Work Out of Networking” because God forbid you talk to anyone face to face or leave your home or office to meet other people. Or actually call them on the phone. THE HORROR.
HubStreet just finds people that thinks you’ll interact well with professionally and puts you in contact with them. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any sort of physical attraction widget implemented yet so you will probably most certainly continue to fail hooking up with your chosen “connections”.
Accounting Social Network Launches [Web CPA]
*Okay, not really