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October 2, 2023

Hays US

How Are Public Accounting Salaries Stacking Up For 2023? (Part 4, Hays U.S.)

The latest group of fortune tellers gazing into crystal balls to figure out what accounting salaries will be like next year are from the recruitment firm Hays U.S. In its 2023 salary guide, Hays provides salary ranges for accounting and finance jobs in nine states, plus the District of Columbia. For this article, we selected […]

a man looking through binoculars

Here’s Everything We Know So Far About 2022 Accounting Salary Projections

As of February 2022, inflation in the United States has hit a 40-year high at 7.9%; the last time inflation was this bad, many of you weren’t even alive so yay, think of this like Halley’s Comet, some day in the distant future you’ll get to say “I was there!” You don’t need us to […]

How Are Public Accounting Salaries Stacking Up For 2022? (Part 3, Hays US)

In today’s edition of “How Much Are You Worth?” let’s take a look at public accounting salary projections for 2022 from recruitment firm Hays US. We chose four tax and four audit roles from Hays’s 2022 Salary Guide to highlight in this post. Hays provides accounting salary ranges, with the first figure indicating minimum pay […]