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Georgia-Pacific Accountant Found Shot to Death; Husband Charged with Murder

Unfortunate story from the Atlanta Journal Constitution today who reports that 25 year-old Madison McLester was shot to death over the weekend. Ms McLester worked at Georgia Pacific in the financial reporting group and was active in the company’s recruiting at Georgia State University.

Police say McLester, 25, who got married last month, was shot to death by her husband early Sunday.

The 2007 GSU grad was found in her southwest Atlanta home; she had been shot several times.

Around 4:40 a.m, authorities responded to a call about a woman being shot, Atlanta police spokeswoman Officer Kim Jones said. They found her husband, Minchillo McLester, walking nude in a nearby park, where he was arrested, police said.

The couple had apparently just returned from a Halloween party.

Michillo McLester, who turned 29 Saturday, was later charged with his wife’s murder. There is currently no motive. We’ll keep you updated.

KPMG Halloween Party: Don’t Expect Treats in the Form of Bonuses

With the cancellation of Christmaskah by most of the Big 4, one would think that a small Halloween fiesta would at least be possible (you know, for the kids).
Good news! At least one KPMG office is contemplating the idea, with the local staff’s help (italics are from the original email):

For $5 you may wear jeans. All donations will be used for the Family Halloween Party. If you would like to participate, please see [redacted] at the reception desk on the 27th floor.

Please note that if you are at a client site that does not subscribe to jeans day, you still need to dress to the client’s dress code.

Please remember you are still in a professional environment and wear professional clothing with your jeans. Additionally, please wear jeans that are in good condition to obtain a clean, professional appearance.

Got it? You want bite-sized 3 Musketeers, Snickers, and the like, you can pay for it. And btw, if you come in with frayed hems, your ass will be sent home.