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Survey Says…

Thumbnail image for RichardDawson.jpgThanks again to everyone for humoring us and taking our survey. Some of the highlights:
• 76% of the respondents work in public accounting.
• 41% of the respondents work for a company with more than 100,000 employees.
• 44% of the respondents describe themselves as “auditors”, 22% describe themselves as “tax professionals”. Some of the “other” responses include: marketing, attorney, financial modeler, teacher, engineer, professor, and of course, unemployed.
• Nearly 84% of the respondents are CPAs, 14% have a JD (with a handful of LLMs), along with a few CIAs, CFEs, CMAs, and one CFA but no CVAs. “Other” responses include: CISA, CISSP, CGFM, FRM, CLU, and CPCU.
• 47% of the respondents answered they work in the “accounting industry”, 13% in “banking/finance”. 19% responded “other” including: publishing, oil & gas, construction, real estate, forensic and litigation consulting, federal consulting, entertainment, law, and education.
Some of the comments and suggestions we received:

I think you should speculate more on rumors. Add some fuel to the flame. but don’t go overboard and scare everyone.
More professionalism. the foolishness of some stories is great and well taken as a break from work, but i am interested in hearing more about the industry and the dirt accompanying layoffs.
ATL writers know how to be witty without being juvenile. This site, not so much.
Not as snarky/funny as, say, above the law, but accountants just aren’t (as) interesting (as almost anything that’s not an accountant).
Stop being so negative. I know the Big 4 aren’t perfect but the constant bad mouthing is out of place on a website devoted to them.
More focus on the big 4.
Suggestions: It would be interesting to see posts about sexual harrassment stories and stories about times our firms have asked/encouraged us to do illegal things…
Maybe there are too many articles?
Please have more posts per day and more information “after the jump”
Language formality will improve overall credibility.
I heart Caleb and Pomeranians.
So based on some of these responses, we will try to do the following: post more, post less, avoid dick and fart jokes (or maybe just grow up), find out if ATL does workshops, and get a Pom. Got it.
Seriously, thank you for all your feedback and suggestions. We also need you to keep sending us ideas and tips. In fact, it’s imperative that you do so, in order for us to inform you about all rumors, gossip, and chicanery going out their in the bean counter universe.
Here’s where we make like your performance counselor and ask you to double your efforts, step it up, or whatever the hell it is they say to you. Let’s take it to next the level, people. Ugh, we just managed to creep ourselves out with that…
Thanks again!

GC October Survey

Thumbnail image for two thumbs up.jpegAll right people, it’s gotten to the point where we need to know some things about you. TPTB kindly ask that you take a short, perfectly harmless survey.
Your participation is strongly encouraged because 1) you get to tell us how you really feel and B) we asked Chuck for a favor and he’s agreed to track down those of you that don’t play ball.
Personally, unless you’re Natalie Gulbis, we’re not interested but we don’t call the shots around here. Oh, and if you participate, you have a chance to win $100 AMEX gift certificate, which sure beats the hell out of a sharp stick in the eye.
We appreciate your participation.