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Gary Busey

Exposure Drafts: If you thought Ben Affleck was good as ‘The Accountant’…

This is a special edition of Greg Kyte’s Exposure Drafts to celebrate The Accountant and to encourage Hollywood to green light The Managing Partner. Exposure Drafts appears every other Wednesday. Send comments and suggestions to [email protected]

Busy Season Problems: “A Case of the Gary Buseys”

From the tip box: Fuck busy season. I haven't had a wax in like 9 weeks. Not that it matters since I don't get home before my husband is asleep. My roots look like shit and I haven't bothered with makeup for weeks. I look like Gary Busey. Well… it could be worse? On that […]

Last Minute Tax Help Ideas: Advice From Gary Busey

With just over 24 hours until the tax filing deadline, some taxpayers may be getting desperate and many CPAs are too swamped to take any last minute clients. Faced with such a dilemma, some people are freaking out since it’s rumored that any non-compliance with the IRS will inevitably lead to interrogation techniques approved by the Bush Administration. To avoid this, you’ll need someone that is impervious to physical pain, high stress and has a smile that will frighten yet calm the most anxious of procrastinating taxpayers.

To wit: