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September 21, 2023

Fox Business Network

Keyshawn Johnson Successfully Withstands the Fox Business Tax Policy Rhetoric

Dare we say, Keyshawn is being pragmatic here?

A few favorite moments:

Keyshawn: That’s what I’m being told. I don’t know any better. [Every Fox employee is laughing hysterically]

Charles Payne: If there was only 30% of what you made there. When do you say, “You know what? Who’s the Republican running for office?”

Keyshawn: Let’s not always make it about money. [If you listen carefully you can hear Charles Payne soiling himself.]

Payne: Even the guy that is 3rd string?

Keyshawn: Some of those New York Jets guys, as we know, are that responsible when they drink? [Sanchez?]

Any other takeaways? Discuss.

[via TaxProf]