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Take the Going Concern Fall Survey for a Chance to Win an iPad

Happiest of Friday, capital market servants. All the scary news out there got you down? It’s tough, I know. Unfortunately, there’s very little we here at Going Concern can do about it. Adrienne has yelled at everyone imaginable but still things are sucky.

The good news is that the TPTB here are still neck-deep in their never-ending quest for world domination and they need you to take our reader survey. Because we know your time is valuable (or at least it should be), we’re giving you a chance to win an iPad just for humoring us.

I know, our generosity is overwhelming at times but don’t get the impression that we equate love with cool-ass gadgets. Wait…maybe we do. Anyway, just take a few minutes to take our survey and you’ll have a chance to win.

Thanks for your continued support of Going Concern.

A Friendly Reminder for Anyone That Is Interested in Winning an iPad, Flight Voucher, Other Stuff

Five short days until the end of tax season. Can you feel it? Yeah, me neither. Although if you were to win something better than average – say, an iPad – you might end up feeling something. Excitement perhaps. Shock could be another one. You might trade hate for love as it relates to a certain smug, rimless spectacled, mock-turtleneck-wearing CEO. Whatever. At least you won’t be devoid of emotion for a change.

Here’s a reminder of what’s up for grabs when you sign up for the Daily Grind enewsletter:

One Grand Prize of an iPad 2 valued @ $500
• 1 Airline Gift Card valued @ $300
• 2 Best Buy Gift Cards valued @ $100
• 20 Going Concern Prize Packs valued @ MTM

If you’re already signed up, don’t get your knickers in a twist, you’re entered automatically. Contest ends May 5th. Entry is easy – just jump over the You Survived Another Busy Season Giveaway page and sign up for the newsletter and you’ve gotta chance. Unlike certain pretend Presidential candidates.