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September 29, 2023

EY Oceania

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Sorry EY Australia Auditors, No Raise For You This Year

EY continues to redefine the meaning of “better working world,” this time by way of salaries for audit staff in financial services. Better for whom we aren’t quite sure, not the people receiving these salaries. AFR wrote about EY Australia audit salaries this morning (their morning): The starting pay for most auditing staff in parts […]

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EY Finally Admits It Has Some Serious Culture and Overwork Problems After Someone Died at the Office

Last August the body of a 27-year-old woman was found at EY’s Sydney office early one Saturday morning, turns out the woman was an auditor at the firm and had returned to the office late Friday night to get some work done after drinking with colleagues earlier that evening. EY staff would later say they […]

Another Big 4 Firm Sticks It to Women

[Updated on March 25 with information on the leading CEO candidate at Deloitte Australia.] You can cross EY Oceania off the list of potential landing spots for a woman CEO of a Big 4 firm, as David Larocca, currently the managing partner of EY Oceania’s Strategy and Transactions business, will take the reins from CEO […]