dow10000.jpgDid Dow 10,000 get you excited about your 401k again? No? Just a psychological level? Bah. “We don’t give a damn because we’re still down from the highs you jerk.”
Fine, you kill-joys, regardless if you still consider your nest egg to be in the crapper, there are lots of people out there that ingested inhuman amounts of MSG last night to get employee benefit plan audits completed and submitted with their Form 5500s for today’s deadline. This is our tribute to them*.
Sure, EBP audits are the redheaded step-child of audits but they keep some of you employed, they’re profitable and low risk so everybody a few people win. Good work EBP trolls, finish up and go get your drink on.
*Maybe we were just waiting until the day of the deadline to mention EBPs. Didja ever think of that? Didja?