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September 29, 2023


An Introvert’s Guide to Surviving Team Lunches

According to Accounting Today, “Accountants secretly yearn to lunch with coworkers.” As an introverted accountant, I respectfully disagree. The only thing I “secretly yearn” for lunch-wise is a quiet half hour alone with my food. Team lunches make me feel awkward and uncomfortable, and I often think to myself “Why should I even bother?” Unfortunately […]

Grant Thornton’s Interns Are Making Your Interns Look Bad

First, nourishing your body with food is totally overrated anyway. Second, seems like this is good practice for busy season, when you won't so much forget but be completely unable to unless you don't mind stale Twizzlers and team pizza lunch.   Our MVPs > MT @mfuadster: So focused on the Intern Case Comp that […]

Tax Day Means Paying Very Little for a Fast Food Feast

It's finally tax day, which calls for celebration. If you're a tax professional, this means not being shy with the bottle in your desk drawer and looking forward to leaving the office some time before dark. If you're simply a taxpayer, it could mean that you woke up today, realized it's tax day, freaked out, […]