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September 27, 2023

drugs are bad mmkay

Accountants Behaving Badly: Drugs and Sex Trafficking, Bookkeeper Busted for Embezzlement, Visa Fraud

Plus, a bunch of tax preparers are going to be spending some quality time in jail. Kentucky man charged with sex trafficking, drug conspiracy [Associated Press] Mark Milslagle, a former Kentucky accountant accused of paying for sex with young women who were addicted to drugs, faces federal conspiracy charges. Milslagle, 49, was charged on Nov. […]

Accountants Behaving Badly: Naughty Kitty, Fancy Fraud, Cokehead Jailed

Plus, Colorado accountant arrested in child sex sting, and a UNLV accounting grad student is accused of killing ex-girlfriend. Essex accountant admits fraud against Cats production firm [BBC] Scott Hiskey, a U.K. accountant who worked for Monumental Pictures, pleaded guilty on Sept. 17 to a charge of fraud by abuse of position after admitting to […]

A CPA Exam Intervention: The Adderall Problem

After a few weeks of FAR, the studying can start to get to you. If your brain is a tad warped and you're starting to have crazy thoughts, why don't you reach out to us and talk about it? Or, you know, ask a question related to the CPA exam for a good distraction. So […]