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September 27, 2023

Don’t call it a layoff

exit sign on the ground in an abandoned room

PwC Goes on Record to Say There Will Not Be Layoffs (Not Loud Ones Anyway)

One of the hundreds of local Business Journals wrote yesterday about layoffs in our sector, those layoffs being KPMG’s 5% cut announced Monday, Deloitte laying off 1200 or so people in April, and EY’s 3000 layoffs that coincidentally happened shortly after Everest fell apart but had nothing to do with Everest falling apart (according to […]

Not Quite Layoffs Watch ’12: PwC China, Hong Kong

Does anyone think that this sounds strange? This week, accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers announced that to help avoid layoffs, employees in mainland China and Hong Kong will be offered a chance to take an additional 12 days’ holiday in the coming months, of which eight of them will be unpaid. The company is also launching a […]