Early last year, James Gansman, a former Transaction Services partner was sentenced to a year and a day for securities fraud. This all came about after Gansman met Donna Murdoch on ashleymadison.com which eventually evolved from run-of-the-mill extramarital activities across the tri-state area to Gansman giving Murdoch hot tips on M&A activity. She then picked up Richard Hansen on Ashley Madison, who also gave her a few more tips that were used for monetary gain. All told, it came to about $392k for Murdoch.

Unfortunately, her trading activity got some people’s attention and this particular jig was up. Accordingly, Murdoch flipped on both her boy toys and as luck would have it, that will kept her out of jail. That’s obviously great and all but Murdoch has found the whole situation quite regrettable.

Donna Murdoch, 49, buried her face in her hands and began blubbering after the judge said she wouldn’t be heading off to the pokey. “Your honor, I will carry the shame of all my wrongdoing for the rest of my life,” the heavyset blonde said as her forgiving hubby and three kids watched from the gallery in Manhattan federal court.

It’s a tough, tough situation to be sure. You know what else is a tough situation? Deciding whether or not to sell out the people you were banging for the information so you could stay out of jail:

“It’s been really painful, but I still feel like the decision to cooperate was the right one, given the situation,” Murdoch said yesterday.

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