Last Irvin Przyborski found a year-old lotto ticket while he was preparing his tax return and wouldn’t you know, it just so happened to be winner worth $9 million. As if winning the lotto wasn’t lucky enough, Irv managed to cash it in just a few days before it expired. Now you might think to yourself, “$9 million! What a lucky guy! He must be feeling extremely lucky and grateful!” but then you wouldn’t know Irv Przyborski.

Przyborski, reached Thursday afternoon and weary from the day’s constant media attention, was unimpressed with the development. “What’s the big deal? It’s not even worth putting in your paper,” Przyborski said outside his East Side home. “It’s like watching paint dry.” Despite his nonchalance, the 61-year-old retired truck driver admitted he would have been upset had he missed the deadline. Nevertheless, he said the prize was hardly life-changing and he had no grand plans for the money. “Look at the people who are out of work,” he said. “People with Ph.D.s can’t find work. There’s nothing joyful about winning money in a situation like this.”

This seems appropriate.

Under the wire and into the money — $9 million winner: ‘What’s the big deal?’ [CT]