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September 24, 2023


#TBT: Barry Melancon, The Most Hated Man in Accounting

2002 wasn't exactly a fantastic year for accounting. Arthur Andersen had just been convicted of obstruction of justice in the wake of Enron's collapse. That whole Sarbanes-Oxley thing happened. And, of course, the PCAOB was born as a result. In "The Man With Nine Lives" published by Forbes in November of 2002 we meet then […]

The AICPA Has Nuked The CPA2Biz Brand in Favor of

You will recall a few years back, the AICPA started offering the licensed AICPA members in good standing the opportunity to purchase their very own email address — presumably because using [email protected] is too confusing and not CPA enough for some CPAs. Well the AICPA is now going all in on this thing, […]

Don’t Be a Menace to the Cloud While Leveraging Your Dynamic Innovative Disruption While at #DigitalCPA*

For the remainder of the week, I'm in DC covering the 2012 CPA2Biz Digital CPA conference. This 3-day event is the first of its kind offered by CPA2Biz and promised to highlight best practices for adopting cloud and mobile technologies so firms can offer higher value, higher margin services for their clients. Whatever that means. […]

Guess Which Accounting Firm Took Out The Biggest Ad In the 125th Anniversary Edition Journal of Accountancy

By now, most of you who are AICPA members in good standing have received your special 125th Anniversary edition Journal of Accountancy. As you thumb listlessly through it, no doubt you noticed that certain firms took out large ads while others – true to their benchwarming status among Top 10 firms – took out small, […]