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September 30, 2023

Consult your tax advisor unless your tax advisor is Joe Biden

Let’s Try Out the White House’s Tax Savings Tool

After yesterday’s words of wisdom from Joe Biden on your taxes, we stumbled across the “tax savings tool” that’s so easy a caveman Joe Biden can do it.

We actually do believe the VPOTUS when he says it’s easy because he made the announcement yesterday with two men who aren’t exactly known to be tax mavens: IRS Commish Doug “I find the tax code complex” Shulman and Tim “I think I’ll try using TaxCut this year” Geithner.

Try your hand this thing and make up your own mind, after the jump.

Our feeling that it’s like tax planning a step or two above what Fisher-Price might put out. Which, for the majority of the American People, might still be tricky.

White House Unveils Online Tax Savings Tool [Web CPA]

Who Wants to Hear Joe Biden’s Tax Advice?

You’re welcome!

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Everybody got it?

“It’s not hard. Not even hard for me.”

“I used to do my own taxes but now everybody thinks it’s too dangerous.”

“The American People pay me a really good salary. I don’t deserve a tax break.”

Then there’s the Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. kitchen table talk; you know the drill.

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