This story goes back before GC’s time so we’ll give you some background: Steven Klig was a hotshot tax partner at Deloitte until he was arrested for extorting an ex-lover back in January 2009.

Since most tax partners we know have to beat off the ladies with a stick in each hand, this seems unbelievable but apparently, Klig didn’t have the typical IRC wonky charm and was a little miffed that a lover wasn’t interested in him any more.

His frustration reached critical levels which resulted in emails to the lover, who he tracked down on the web and claimed that he had a DVD of them getting down. Lucky for us, the Post just so happened to get its hands on a copy of the email back in January ’09:

“Just to give you a head’s up. I’ve been doing a little editing on our video. Mostly some blurring of myself so that I won’t be recognized,” he wrote in one e-mail, according to the criminal complaint. You, on the other hand, can be seen very clearly having the time of your life being f—ed by me.”

Despite the good times, the woman went to the FBI after Klig emailed her husband trying to get a hold of her email address. An agent posing as the woman responded to Klig:

[A]sking what he wanted and pleading, “I want to keep my family out of this.”

He allegedly responded, “I don’t need money. What I really want is something new to look at.”

Klig then allegedly detailed his preferences for the “first installment” as: “(1) fully clothed; (2) without your shirt; (3) without your shirt and pants (in just a bra and panties); (4) without the bra and (5) fully nude.”

And the best part? He sent some of these emails while he was on vacation. At Disney World. With his wife and kids. Can’t you see it? You’re walking around Epcot, surrounded by shrieking children, grown adults dressed as princesses, talking animals, and overgrown dwarves; what a perfect opportunity to extort some porn out of an uncooperative ex-lover!

According to the Post, Klig pleaded guilty to lesser charge in order to avoid serious time although the judge indicated he could face up to a year in prison where he may or may not have the time of his life.

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