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CGMA Magazine

To Retain Millennials, Gently Remind Them They Will Never Do Better Than You

What do abusive boyfriends and firms that don't understand Gen Y have in common? Apparently, they are supposed to use the same tactic to retain their prizes, be that a battered girlfriend or a Millennial worker with a wandering eye: “This Millennial generation [has] seen what companies do to their people,” McGrath said recently at […]

You Will Want to Avoid Being Perceived as a Business Slut, Per This Article

Funny, weren't we just kind of talking about this earlier today? And here comes CGMA Magazine with an article fresh off the presses about job-hopping (or, as I like to think of it, professional sluttiness) and why you don't want to be seen as a chronic job-hopper: Leaving one company to work for another is […]