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Job of the Day: BNY Mellon Needs a CFO

BNY Mellon is looking for an experienced professional to fill the CFO of Wealth Management role in Boston.

The position is primarily responsible for planning, controlling, and the direction of the fiscal operations of the organization as the direct subordinate under the CEO.

Qualifications include 15+ years of experience with a CPA or MBA a plus.

Company: BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Title: CFO

Location: Boston, MA

Description: Primarily responsible for planning, controlling, and the direction of the fiscal operations of the organization as the direct subordinate under the CEO. Serves as a member of the senior management team and participates in developing overall policies, programs, objectives and goals. Develops, implements, and administers financial and accounting policies, procedures and systems, and has a broad responsibility for the company’s fiscal operations. Maintains consistent and appropriate financial procedures throughout the company; monitors financial policies, procedures, systems and controls to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Directs the preparation of various financial and operating statements and reports to management, Board of Directors, etc.

Qualifications/Skills: The qualified candidate will have 15+ years of experience related to the position required. Excellent management (financial and general), presentation, communication and consultative skills required. Strong business and strategic perspective/focus, as well as superior leadership and negotiation skills, are essential. B.A./B.S. in Business or equivalent experience; M.B.A. or C.P.A. preferred. Progressive accounting and financial analysis experience with at least advanced financial management concepts and managerial accounting and reporting concepts and processes.

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Job of the Day: Oregon Community Credit Union Needs a CFO

The Oregon Community Credit Union is looking for an experienced professional to fill their CFO role. The credit union holds over $900 million in assets and is located in Eugene.

Primary responsibilities include asset-liability management, budgeting, financial reporting, and compliance.

Qualified candidates need a minimum of ten years senior leadership experience with an advance degree preferred.

Company: Oregon Community Credit Union

Title: CFO

Location: Eugene, OR

Description: Individual is a key leader on the Executive Team in developing innovative strategy that propels our organization to success. Based on an intense understanding of current economic factors and our community at large, this individual is responsible for developing and delivering a strong fiscal vision, and must be enthusiastic about providing communication and education to all levels of our organization to achieve the vision.

Responsibilities: Asset-liability management, budgeting, financial reporting, and compliance. Successful incumbents must have an understanding of credit union operations as a whole and think both critically and strategically, possess strong written and verbal communication skills, be able to conduct complete analysis of data and present thorough recommendations, have a passion for creating a culture of success, and be eager to participate in events that support our community.

Qualifications/Skills: A minimum of ten years of senior leadership experience and Bachelor’s degree is essential; a master’s degree is preferred.

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Accounting News Roundup: The Debate Over IRS-prepared Tax Returns; KPMG HK Senior Manager Arrested for Bribery; CFOs Starting to See Job Options | 04.09.10

Should the IRS Fill Out Our Tax Returns? [TaxVox]
Some say, YES! At the very least the Service could get the ball rolling, “by filling in your wage income, exemptions, and standard deduction and perhaps even figuring some other deductions and credits. This…could be a huge benefit for those who file Forms 1040A and 1040EZ.” Naturally, the taxpayer has to approve the return prior the actual “filing” of it but this would potentially assist millions of Americans who are otherwise stumped by 1040s of any stripe.

The other side of this argument is that it will delay refunds:

Bob Weinberger, a senior fellow at the Aspen Institute Initiative on Financial Security and a former top executive at the tax prep firm H&R Block. Bob counters that the “fatal flaw” of such a system is that it could delay refunds for months. For many taxpayers, Bob argues, getting a check from IRS in April is a key to their annual financial planning, and postponing that refund would generate a huge backlash. Bob also said such a system would be a huge drain on IRS resources.

While this likely true, the root of the problem is the “check from the IRS is key to financial planning” part. If these people need the money so bad, they should adjust their withholding so they don’t pay in so much during the year. Perhaps that’s not an easy concept to grasp, so if we say “You’re giving the government an interest-free loan for 12 months,” that will help.

HK charges KPMG man with bribery [FT]
Leung Sze-chit, a senior manager in the Hong Kong office, has been arrested on corruption charges after offering a co-worker a $12,280 bribe related to a client’s IPO. The FT reports that the firm learned of the situation via its internal hotline, “After investigation, the member of staff in question was suspended by KPMG and a report was then made . . . to the relevant authorities.” So yes, to answer some of you, people do call those internal hotlines.

CFO Job Options Opening Up [FINS]
After hunkering down for the last couple of years or so, CFOs are starting to see some new job options. FINS reports that “Some felt loyalty to organizations in financial straits, while others hesitated to jump given uncertainty about potential landmines at other companies.” Now that growth is slowly creeping back, “some companies are likely to find they need a different type of executive in the role. And some CFOs may even find themselves in line for positions higher up the corporate ladder.”

Job of the Day: Bank of America Needs a CFO But Not Just Anyone Because This Is a Pretty Major Gig

Brian Moynihan is shopping around for a CFO and he needs a good one ASAP. The Post reports that Moynihan will go with someone from outside BofA so that means you’ve got a shot! Now before you get ahead of yourself and think you’re the BSD to turn this ship around, consider some of your responsibilities.

You’ve got to be the numbers jockey for the biggest bank in the known universe that is constantly being given the stink-eye by Tim Geithner, Barack Obama, Ken Feinberg, et al., plus an angry American populous that will not hesitate to call you names and picket your house. Oh, and you may or may not have to move to Charlotte. Maybe that’s not a sticking point for some of you but if you don’t like NASCAR then we’d suggest passing on this one.

See? Trying to come up with a good and willing candidate will not be an easy task. After all, getting someone to takeKen Lewis’ chair wasn’t exactly a piece of cake and CFO is actually a real job.

Naturally, soon-to-be former KPMG Chairman Tim Flynn comes to mind but Moynihan may want to go with some with a little less sweater vesty and he doesn’t really have the mane to match. Former Lehman CFO Erin Callan is busy hanging out with firefighters and Andy Fastow is still unavailable. Better put a call in to Robert Half.

Serious search party [NYP]
Ex-Bank of America CFO Is in Cuomo’s Crosshairs

Job of the Day: J.P. Morgan Needs a CFO/Vice President

J.P. Morgan is looking for a CFO to lead its Commercial Credit Card business. This is a product with the Company’s Treasury Services Card Products business unit.

The position is located in the Chicago with an alternate location in New York.

Get more details, after the jump.

Company: J.P. Morgan

Title: CFO Commercial Credit Card – TS Card Products – Vice President

Location: Chicago with an alternate location in New York

Description: Commercial Credit Card is a $300 million revenue product organization within the Treasury Services (TS) Card Products business unit ($700 million revenue). The CFO of Commercial Card reports directly to the CFO of TS Card Products.

Responsibilities: Work closely with the TS Card Products CFO as a critical member of the finance lead team; Partner with the Commercial Card Product management team to manage the product P&L and create transparency into business performanceEvaluate financial results and ensure they are communicated and understood and that the appropriate actions are identified and prioritized; develop and maintain key performance measures for revenue and expense; Development of annual business plan (revenue, expense, capital and project profile); Forecast, Analysis and Reporting of ongoing monthly results including Revenue, Headcount, Direct Expense and Indirect Expense (allocations); Work closely with Controllers team to manage month end close process; Lead meetings with product and operations partners to discuss product revenues, expense plans, and current issuesHelp maintain product pricing model; Develop, evolve, and automate processes to create reporting efficiencies

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