2009.jpgWhat a great year, amiright? Okaaay, it sucked. Well, let’s just take a moment to get sentimental.
Typically we leave that to the JDA but the least we could do is present you with some of the more popular posts that graced these pages (?) since our launch back in July. This will allow you to get caught up on conversations that you may have missed and add your own dash of wisdom.
Big 4 Salaries: Open Thread – Surprise, surprise. Our thread about what you’re making from two weeks ago on salaries is the most popular to date.
IRS Doesn’t Care for Kirk Herbstreit Burning Down His Own House – Back from the launch week, Herbie sued the IRS for disallowing his donation of his home as a charitable deduction. Michigan fans finally have something to cheer.
Are We Experiencing a Big 4 Exodus? – There was no parting of the Red Sea, just a lot of unhappy people.
Life After Big 4: Open Thread – It does exist.
Eating Hours: Are You in Denial? – Well. Are you?
Is David Beckham PwC’s Answer to Natalie Gulbis? – We came up with the best idea ever to be presented to a Big 4 firm and it remains out there for the taking. On a side note, what qualifies as an athlete seems to be a matter of debate.
PwC is Thinking About Your Health – For reasons that remain completely unclear, soda — and its side effects — got some people fired up.
Layoff Watch 2009E&Y (November), KPMG (September), KPMG (August), PwC (November).
The Year of the Freeze (and maybe 2010?)KPMG; E&Y; PwC but not if Bob Moritz has anything to say about it; Deloitte.
And the Award for Deloitte Analyst Most Likely to Sleep His Way to the Top Goes To… & Does This Mean We Aren’t Going to Find Out Who’s Sleeping Their Way to Partner? – The awards that could have been…
If we missed something that you enjoyed, feel free to let us know and keep us updated with whatever anything and everything. Thanks for a great 2009 and we’ll see you in 2010.