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October 1, 2023

casual conversations

How to Make Small Talk For Human Beings Who Have Never Communicated With Other Human Beings

I'm posting this only because I know from having spoken to some of you, there are a few among you who need these tips. For everyone else, let's go ahead and mock accordingly. This article appeared on LinkedIn and wants to help you learn how to make small talk if you're really at a loss. […]

How To Talk to Public Accounting Recruiters Without Coming Off Like a Tool

Found this gem on Reddit: I have a recruiters reception coming up soon where I will meet many recruiters from various firms. I'm only a student so my accounting knowledge is limited to textbook material. What type of questions do you ask? Although we've covered this before (repeatedly, at that), it is that time of […]

Lessons From L’affaire Scott London: Don’t Talk About Your Clients While Quoting Caddyshack

I love Peter Henning's suggestion that ex-KPMG partner Scott London was swapping Caddyshack quotes with his golfing buddy. Everyone having few drinks after playing a round inevitably sees someone walk by with a hideous headpiece and says, "When you buy a hat like this I bet you get a free bowl of soup." I think it's a law in Florida that you have to recite that line.