A man in Oklahoma City fled police after IRS agents that had been staking out his house attempted to pull him over after it was clear he wasn’t showing up for his court date. The tax-hater du jour was due for a court date in Texas and when the IRS Agents realized he wasn’t headed for the LSS, they tried to stop him. The suspect then did what any clear-thinking person would do when pursued by IRS agents: ESCAPE.

An OKC policman saw the speeding Lexus, pursued, and one left turn later and a brief foot race later, the tax scofflaw was brought justice. IRS: 1. A guy that has probably appeared shirtless on Cops: 0.

No word on whether the IRS were the zealous type but we’re assuming they were packing heat. And since this particular ne’er do well had a court date, it’s safe to assume that he had a settle up for more than just his pocket change.

Police: Chase Suspect Fleeing IRS [KOCO]