Earlier today I was tipped to this story about a man accused of being a serial flasher in central Pennsylvania. Last week WHTM reported that Jay Patrick Knaub, a “straight-A student at Bucknell University” was accused of “20 counts including unlawful contact with minors, indecent exposure, and open lewdness.”

Right. So you can use your imaginations about what “lewd act” actually is but personally, “jerking off” or “spit-shining the ol’ water pump” comes immediately to mind. Maybe you have other ideas.

ANYWAY, Our tipster informed us that “this gentlemen may, in fact, be a [Big 4 firm] summer intern out of the Philadelphia office.” Right now I cannot confirm the firm in question but did find that a Jay Patrick Knaub who is a junior at Bucknell with a major in accounting. And yes, I also found a Jay Patrick Knaub on the prison list at Dauphin County Prison.

All this dong exposure started a few of weeks ago and fairly crude police sketch was put together before Knaub was arrested. Apparently, Knaub was getting pretty confident in his skills as the third incident allegedly occurred one block from the police department. Knaub was arrested on July 1 thanks to tips, “especially the description of Knaub as a ‘computer geek,'” as the Fox43 anchor put it.

I called Dauphin County Prison to see what I could find out more about the possible internship but the very nice woman who helped said that Mr. Knaub wasn’t interested in speaking with me. I also left a message with his attorney, Mr. Boyle, but have not heard back as of yet. Of course if you’re familiar with Mr. Knaub or worked with him, please get in touch. Updates to come.

Some have noted in the comments that Jay Knaub hasn’t been found in their respective directories. This is because he isn’t in any directory. From our tipster:

I know that he was an audit intern, and was working on some of our Harrisburg area clients. From what I’ve been able to gather, he was fired a few weeks ago, but nobody was really told why. One of the other interns who went through training with him saw the story online [Monday], and it’s been circulating the office ever since.

Assuming Knaub was fired shortly after his arrest (over two weeks ago), the firm would have wasted no time in removing his name from the directory. I called the Philadelphia office of the firm in question, asked to be connected to Knaub but was told that he was not in the directory.

If you’ve checked the directory lately, looking for Knaub’s name, you’ll find that it’s no longer in the directory. I’ve reached out to the registrar to find out what the story is but have yet to hear back. Will keep you updated.