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October 2, 2023


San Bernardino Goes Broke, May or May Not Also Be In Trouble For Keeping Sloppy Books

San Bernardino is now the third California city to seek bankruptcy protection in recent weeks after Stockton in June and Mammoth Lakes last week. Unlike Stockton and Mammoth Lakes, however, San Bernardino's bankruptcy announcement came as a surprise (only to people who don't know California is broke, of course). San Bernardino the 17th largest city […]

MF Global CFO Was Too Busy Trying to Save the Company to Be Bothered with Things Like Illegal Transfers of Customer Funds

Henri Steenkamp will not be going down for this: MF Global Holdings Ltd. […] Chief Financial Officer Henri Steenkamp plans to tell a House panel he had "limited knowledge" of money transfers during the securities firm's final days that led to an estimated $1.6 billion shortfall in customer funds. Mr. Steenkamp was "taken up with other […]