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Big 4 Sick Days: Open Thread

Benflu2_jpeg.jpgSince Team Jehovah is nabbing all the swine flu vaccine, there’s a pretty decent chance that some of you might come down with the H to 1 to the N to the 1. That has at least one reader concerned:

Can you look into the sick day policy at the Big 4’s? Is KPMG the only one who does not give any sick days? If you are sick you take the time from your PTO allowed (the days reduce your vacation time). I have seen people literally dying in the cubes – with temperatures, the chills etc – yet they insist on coming to work since they have no days left or don’t want to use their vacation time. Is this a responsible policy during the H1N1 epidemic???

We touched on this briefly but it’s worth revisiting since the swine flu coverage in the MSM is reaching fever pitch.
Discuss in the comments your firm’s sick days policy, if it’s forcing the bedridden to report, or it’s handing out surgical masks to everyone. Oh, and if you’re sick, for crissakes, stay home.

Our Token Swine Flu Post

swine.jpgWe’re upping our pandemic coverage today because 1) it’s god-awful slow out there and B) refer back to #1. Apparently most businesses out there don’t really have a plan in case this whole H1N1 thing gets medieval on our asses.
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The survey found that two-thirds of the more than 1,000 businesses questioned nationwide said they could not maintain normal operations if half their workers were out for two weeks. Four out of every five businesses expect severe problems if half their workers are out for a month. “What we found is that a minority of businesses have started some sort of emergency planning,” said Robert Blendon, a professor of health policy and leader of the project sponsored by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Most, I don’t think, have thought through the implications of something so widespread.”

Surely you’d think that the accounting firms would not fall into this particular category. We glanced over the BW list again (because we’ve got nothing better to do) and surprisingly, only PwC and McGladrey & Pullen have sick days listed. P. Dubs is “Unlimited” and M&P provides five days. The other firms have nothing listed.
So are we to assume that the other usual suspects don’t provide any sick days? Most of you are aware of the really obnoxious habit that some people have of coming to work when they should probably be in the hospital. They pop some Airborne or overdose on Vitamin C and they think they’re cured.
Then, of course, there are types that assume that anyone who calls in sick is faking because, well, their jobs sucks. So the “sick” play at accounting firms is always a lose-lose-lose.
So the question should be asked: What the hell happens when half your team can’t crawl out of bed? Are the firms going to start giving you GASP sick days? Are the firms going to provide everyone with biohazard suits so everyone can still come to work? Maybe just the new associates and partners (probably the most likely scenario)? Discuss.