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September 27, 2023

Is anyone else just freaked out the hell out right now?

Question of the Day

Ever wonder if freakishly large breasts could be depreciable assets? Video that explains, after the jump.

Any ideas on the useful life of these? Discuss.
Springer & Chesty Love Discuss Tax Court Decision Allowing Depreciation of Her Breast Implants [TaxProf Blog]

Caption Contest Reminder: We’re Feeding the Pig, Just Quit Freaking Us Out

ben bankes at the NYC marathon.jpgIf Orwell had written an allegory of capitalism, we’re sure his vision would have included Benjamin Bankes.
Jump over the original post to leave your caption for Ben’s appearance at the New York City Marathon. We’ll take submissions through the end of the day tomorrow.

Caption Contest Friday: The AICPA Will Convince You to Save Money By Freaking You Out

We don’t know who the hell the AICPA has working in the marketing department but they need to get in touch. We have some questions.
Below is Benjamin Bankes at the New York City Marathon. If you’re not familiar with Ben, he is the spokesswine for the AICPA’s “Feed the Pig” campaign.
We’ve presented three photos for your caption suggestions. See the rest after the jump.
ben bankes at the NYC marathon.jpg

Ben Bankes2.jpg
Rules are the same: Submit possible captions for all the photos in the comments. We’ll choose our favorites — with preference given to those with an accounting bent — and then let you vote for the best one.