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accrual vs. cash

AICPA to Senators: Don’t Even Think About Touching Cash-Basis Accounting

Maybe you've noticed, but there are a few things that grind the AICPA's gears: 1. Questioning the integrity of CPAs in a YouTube video, on the radio or anywhere for that matter. 2. Management accounting credentials that are not the CGMA. 3. Nationally syndicated columnists suggesting that anyone is more qualified than a CPA to […]

It’s Not Accrual World For These Forty-Six Senators Who Are All For Cash Accounting

You may have heard that the Senate is considering, as part of tax reform, to require many cash basis businesses to make the switch to accrual. Because nothing says "reform" like using the method that doesn't actually require money changing hands. Well, the AICPA hates the idea. I'm sure you thought what I did at […]