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accounting career conundrums

Accounting Career Conundrums: The Path to Becoming an International Accountant of Mystery

This week, a newb discovers GC and solicits career advice. Which is pretty much every day around these parts. If you just happened to Google the right combination of words to land in our lap and need career advice, first please look around a little to see if your question has already been asked. Then, […]

Accounting Career Conundrums: Is Getting the Boot From the Client a Career Breaker?

There are times in life when we have expertise and wisdom to share. And there other times when we don’t and need to pull in resources to support us. To help out the following worried reader, how about we try out both in this week’s accounting career conundrum?  I'm an S2 at a big4, large-ish […]

How to Choose Between Two Big 4 Offers When You Have No Clue What Either Involves

In this week’s accounting conundrum, a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed accounting student is mustering up the courage to click “accept” on one of two offers: Big 4 Business Valuation vs. Big 4 Supply Chain Consulting: Hey guys, I just started reading your website and it has so much helpful information about the big 4. I'm in […]

Accounting Career Conundrums: Would Be Wintern In Urgent Need of Advice, a Proofreader

This message came in with the subject line “Offers received – URGENT.” Never fear. The GC team is here to drop everything else we are doing so we can provide this budding accountant immediate support. [Ed. note: Amber is nicer than I am. This is a lie. We are not on call for your personal […]

a walmart cart in a parking lot

Accounting Career Conundrums: Disappointed Auditor’s Laziness Is Showing

Here is another career inquiry sent to [email protected]. I confirmed with Caleb that none of the text was lost when it was transmitted to me. Staff auditor w/$40,000 pay approaching 6 years at small firm that does complex alphabet soup audits.  Boss says not to come in early and not to stay late, created rules […]

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Get Answers to Your Accounting Career Questions While the Getting Is Good

Have you recently thought to yourself, “Man, this Going Concern team is a sharp bunch. I wonder if they can advise me on my disaster of a job/career/life?” Yes! We! Can! Will it be good advice? That’s debatable. Still beats asking your narcissistic friends, though. Email us at [email protected] and one of career suicide prevention […]

leaving your Big 4 job too early

Accounting Career Conundrums: Should I Quit My Big 4 Job After Only a Year?

In this week’s episode of Accounting Career Conundrums, a reader ponders leaving her job at a large firm with less than a year of experience.