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Risk-Free Recruiting for the Accounting Industry

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Ed. note: The following is a guest post from Accountingfly, a niche recruiting agency that specializes in helping firms and finance departments hire accounting talent. They wrote this post because they heard you were looking for accountants. Full disclosure: Accountingfly is Going Concern’s owner/overlord.

Let’s make this quick. If you need some help hiring US-based accounting talent, Accountingfly can help, and if they can’t, they’ll let you know. We’re giving them the mic to explain what they do and why accounting employers love them. TL;DR Accountingfly isn’t in the business of wasting everyone’s time. They’re in the business of matching the right candidates to the right firms.

Who are you?

We are a recruiting agency with ten years of experience helping firms hire accounting talent. You could use the word “small” to describe us, we prefer “cozy” or “personal.” We’re powered by people, not algorithms.

We don’t deal in healthcare, law, or any other industry–we’re 100% accounting, 100% of the time.

We specialize in placing remote, US-based accounting talent. We’ll occasionally help firms hire various hybrid models or location-based talent, but we were into remote work before it was cool, that’s our thing.

We know the market, have access to some really stellar US-based accounting professionals looking for career opportunities, and try our very best to provide exceptional service to all of our clients. We value our candidates too, they’re your future staff and deserve not to be jerked around.

Sounds great, I’m in. What services do you offer?

We offer exactly three services:

• Specific Talent Searches. Need a tax senior with client experience in a specific industry, specialized tax expertise, or particular software proficiency? Gotchu.

We’re kind of giving away the trade secrets here, but here’s what we’d do for you. We’ll launch a dedicated search for the right fit remote candidate (they might already be in our database), conduct initial interviews with people who match your needs, help coordinate final-stage interviews for the best of the best, conduct background checks, facilitate negotiations, and overall do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Once you make a hire, you’re covered by Accountingfly’s 90-day guarantee. Our success rate for placing candidates is about 90% which is pretty amazing in this line of work, but just in case they don’t work out, we’ll keep looking until you find the right fit.

• Weekly Summaries of Top Candidates. This is the option you pick if you’re interested in the hiring market but don’t have highly specific requirements you need met RIGHT NOW.

Want to see five to ten top-flight remote (US only) accounting candidate profiles every week with no risk, no upfront cost, and no obligation? Wow, that sounded like a late-night infomercial. Well, that’s the pitch, that’s what we call Always-On Recruiting.

Every week, Accountingfly sifts through roughly a thousand applications from accounting professionals. We interview the most promising ones with the most in-demand qualifications and send email summaries of the week’s top candidates to employers like you. That’s it.

If you want to learn more about these candidates, we’ll provide full recruiting support (interview scheduling, background checks, negotiation facilitation, etc.), and all hires are backed by our 90-day guarantee.

Contact us to start receiving weekly emails with profiles of our top accounting talent.

• Seasonal/Freelance Placements (for busy season or any season). This option is for employers who might need an extra hand, be it for busy season, month-end close crunch time, or an engagement that could use some support. US-based remote freelancers are a great way to get the work done when there’s too much of it for your in-house team to do.

Just like all our candidates, freelancers are all remote, US-based, and screened to match employers that need their particular expertise.

And that’s it. Our unique fee structure typically results in substantial savings of time and money for employers, and our focus on remote talent offers you access to the best accounting professionals from across the country.

*taking back the mic*

If you are hiring or thinking about hiring in the world of accounting, you have got to check these people out!

P.S. They only work with US-based clients and companies.