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There May Never Be a Better Time Than Right Now to Find a Remote Tax Job

It’s the best time ever to find a remote tax job according to our friends over at Accountingfly (full disclosure: they own Going Concern so by “friends” we mean “benevolent overlords”):

October through December is always the “high season” for tax hiring. For tax professionals, there are only so many times during the year that it’s acceptable to switch jobs, and October through December is the window when demand (from firms) ramps up.

But Q4 this year is shaping up to be even busier than usual, according to Beth Dierker, Accountingfly’s Director of Fulfillment. “Not only is this time of year always busy, but we’re also seeing more firms looking to hire remote tax professionals this year than ever before. As a result, applicants have more choices than ever before.”

In other words, if you’ve got solid tax experience and recent experience in public accounting, you’re a seller in a seller’s market.

Look, the future is here. We no longer have to be tethered to our desks. NOW is the time for you laptop hobos to rise up and find a better opportunity if the one you have isn’t working (no pun). As an accounting professional in today’s market, you are the kid in the candy store with $200 of Christmas money in your pocket, the world is your sour jawbreaker.

Firms are seeking tax professionals at all levels and eager to meet you. Remember the last time you went on Tinder and couldn’t get nary a match? Imagine being wanted and adored by throngs of screaming accounting firms, just begging to give you an offer. OK, that’s a bit much. But you get the idea.

Ready to start your next adventure? Browse all available remote accounting jobs on Accountingfly or send in a resume and a real live human being will review it to find the best match for you.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels