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Preliminary Analytics | 11.12.09

fingers crossed.jpgCostco CFO: Fingers crossed consumers will spend – Sounds like a winning strategy. [Reuters]
Wall Street Faces ‘Live Ammo’ as Congress Aims to Unravel Banks – The bank lobby is finally a little concerned that this break up of TBTF is for real… [Bloomberg]
The Kanjorski “We’re Tough on TBTF” Headfake – …or maybe they’re just playing along. [Naked Capitalism]
White House Aims to Cut Deficit With TARP Cash – Not only that, there’s talk of, GASP, tax reform: “[Office of Management and Budget] is also reviewing a host of tax changes. The President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board will submit tax-policy options by Dec. 5, including simplifying the tax code and revamping the corporate tax code.” [WSJ]
G.E. Sells Security Unit for $1.8 Billion – The industrial conglomerate is a little less conglomerate-y, saying the fire alarm and security unit is a “noncore” business. [DealBook]