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Preliminary Analytics | 10.06.09

bowling.jpgBurned Bondholders Demand Movie, Bowling Alley Claims for Junk – “Blockbuster Inc. sold $675 million of debt on Sept. 17, agreeing to pay a 15.2 percent yield and pledge movies and video games as collateral. Brunswick Corp. used its bowling alleys and headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois, to back a $350 million bond sale in August.” [Bloomberg]
United States calls for rigorous IMF surveillance – ‘Cause were sure as hell not able to do it, TImmay [Reuters]
PwC asks: When will banks learn? – Around the same time as accounting firms, probably. [Reuters]
Justices Turn Down Appeal From Qwest’s Nacchio – Does this mean that this story is over? [Reuters via NYT]
United Airlines to get $35.8 million in city incentives for Willis Tower moveDeloitte should have held out. [Chicago Tribune]