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PwC Admits 233 New Partners and Principals in the U.S.

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A tipster (Caleb) let me know that PwC released its list of new 2018 partners and principals across the United States and Mexico on June 1.

This year’s crop totals 233, which surpasses the 212 who joined the ranks of partner or principal in 2017. In comparison, there were 226 in the 2016 class, 201 in 2015, 180 in 2014, 157 in 2013, 165 in 2012, 136 in 2011, and 83 in 2010.

I’m not going to type 233 names, so if you want to see this year’s roster, including each new partner or principal’s line of service, market, home office, sector/focus area, and smiling face, click here.

Here’s a few stats on the 2018 class:

  • Partners defeated principals 122-111.
  • Forty-six of the new partners and principals come from the New York office, followed by 30 in Chicago, 15 in both San Jose, Calif. and Boston, and 14 in Atlanta.
  • Seventy-two of the 233 new partners and principals (31%) are women, the same percentage as last year.
  • Assurance had 84 new partners and principals, the most of any line of service. This was followed by 80 in tax, 68 in advisory, and one in internal firm services.

Give yourselves a big pat on the back.

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