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Promotion Watch ’20: Deloitte Canada Admits 125 New Partners

We hope you guys aren’t tethered to your desks today and are enjoying your Labor Day. Today is also Labor Labour Day in Canada, and we hope our friends to the north are also enjoying a relaxing day away from the grind. We’re pretty certain the newest partners at Deloitte Canada aren’t cracking open their laptops today.

Here’s a look at the Deloitte Canada new partner class of 2020 by the numbers:

  • 57: The number of new partners in Toronto, the most of any Canadian location, followed by 14 in Montreal, 11 in Ottawa, and nine each in Calgary and Vancouver.
  • 52: The number of new partners who are women, or 42% of the class.
  • 37: The number of new partners in Consulting, the most of any service line, followed by 26 in Tax & Legal, 24 in Audit & Assurance, and 15 in Risk Advisory.
  • 11: The number of new partners based in Chile, which falls under the Deloitte Canada umbrella.

The following 73 men and 52 women finally get to sit at the big kids’ table:

  • Agustin Alcaide, Consulting, Chile
  • Zaheed Alibhai, Tax & Legal, Toronto
  • Jean-Francois Allard, Risk Advisory, Montreal
  • Palma Amato, Tax & Legal, Vaughan, Ontario
  • Reinhard Arndt, Consulting, Toronto
  • Jodi Baker Calamai, Consulting, Toronto
  • Andrea Bastin, Consulting, Calgary
  • Miguel Boissonneault, Tax & Legal, Montreal
  • Emily Boudreau, Consulting, Ottawa
  • Jason Boyer, National, Toronto
  • Julien Brazeau, Risk Advisory, Ottawa
  • Jeff Butt, Tax & Legal, Toronto
  • Alejandro Campos, Risk Advisory, Montreal
  • Carolina Canales Cadena, Risk Advisory, Chile
  • Christian Caron, National, Ottawa
  • Charles Castonguay, Audit & Assurance, Ottawa
  • Yannick Charest, Audit & Assurance, Montreal
  • Lilian Cheung, Audit & Assurance, Toronto
  • Rahul Chodavarapu, Consulting, Toronto
  • Jill Chua, Financial Advisory, Toronto
  • Maria Churchill, National, Toronto
  • Kevin Clement, Consulting, Toronto
  • Dominic John Collins, Consulting, Chile
  • Jason Condon, Consulting, Ottawa
  • Stephanie Connell, Consulting, Toronto
  • Ivana Cvitanusic, Audit & Assurance, Calgary
  • Nihar Dalmia, Omnia AI, Toronto
  • Niraj Dalmia, Omnia AI, Toronto
  • Carolyn Della Rossa, Tax & Legal, Montreal
  • Helene Deschamps-Marquis, Tax & Legal, Montreal
  • Robert Di Cesare, Tax & Legal, London, Ontario
  • Alexia Donoghue, Audit & Assurance, Toronto
  • Jacob Dube-Dupuis, Financial Advisory, Montreal
  • Shanil Ebrahim, Omnia AI, Toronto
  • Charif El-Khouri, Tax & Legal, Montreal
  • Michel El-Khoury, Consulting, Ottawa
  • Tracey Finkle, Consulting, Toronto
  • Erin Foote, Tax & Legal, Toronto
  • James Foran, Financial Advisory, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Jolain Foster, Financial Advisory, Calgary
  • Brenton Francis, Audit & Assurance, Vancouver
  • Sue Frerichs, Consulting, Calgary
  • Lara Gaeda, Audit & Assurance, Calgary
  • Manuel Galvez Rodriguez, Risk Advisory, Chile
  • Melanie Gammon, National, Toronto
  • Matthew Glenen, Consulting, Toronto
  • Inna Golodniuk, Tax & Legal, Toronto
  • Joelle Gott, Financial Advisory, Toronto
  • Roxana Greszta, Risk Advisory, Toronto
  • Genevieve Brittanie Haack, Audit & Assurance, Chile
  • Siddharth Hathiramani, Risk Advisory, Vancouver
  • Kyle Hawkins, Audit & Assurance, Calgary
  • Jonathan Haywood, Risk Advisory, Toronto
  • Joshua Hjartarson, Consulting, Toronto
  • Suzanne Holatko, Audit & Assurance, Winnipeg
  • Dale Hooper, Risk Advisory, Toronto
  • Abrar Huq, Omnia AI, Toronto
  • Andrew Jefferies, Risk Advisory, Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Jasdeep Johal, Tax & Legal, Toronto
  • Jessica Kearsey, Tax & Legal, Toronto
  • Christian Kittleson, Financial Advisory, Victoria, British Columbia
  • Karina Lahnakoski, Risk Advisory, Toronto
  • Patrick Lamb, Consulting, Toronto
  • Joel Laplante, Tax & Legal, Amos, Quebec
  • Jean-Sebastien Lapointe, Audit & Assurance, Quebec City
  • Nicholas Lauriault, Audit & Assurance, Montreal
  • Herman Lombard, Consulting, Toronto
  • Stephen Lopes, Tax & Legal, Toronto
  • David MacDonald, Audit & Assurance, Vancouver
  • Greg MacQuarrie, Consulting, Halifax
  • Madhavi Mantha, Consulting, Montreal
  • Jordan Marr, Risk Advisory, Vancouver
  • Vanessa Medeiros Coqueiro, Audit & Assurance, Toronto
  • Jacqueline Miller, Audit & Assurance, Toronto
  • Philippe Montillaud, Tax & Legal, Vancouver
  • Jason Nadeau, Tax & Legal, Burlington, Ontario
  • Kamalroop Nat, Tax & Legal, Vancouver
  • Janine Nel, Consulting, Calgary
  • Jennifer Osganian, National, Montreal
  • Guillaume Parent, Tax & Legal, Montreal
  • Shak Parran, Omnia AI, Toronto
  • Michael Partridge, Consulting, Toronto
  • Yessica Perez Pavez, Audit & Assurance, Chile
  • Gonzalo Camilo Pineda, Consulting, Chile
  • Christopher Piskorz, Tax & Legal, Toronto
  • Darren Plested, Consulting, Vancouver
  • Colleen Pound, Consulting, Calgary
  • Brian Pratt, Consulting, Ottawa
  • Gerhard Prinsloo, Consulting, Calgary
  • Jennifer Quinn, Risk Advisory, Toronto
  • Van Ramsay, Consulting, Toronto
  • Candice Riley, Consulting, Vaughan, Ontario
  • Michael Robitaille, Risk Advisory, Toronto
  • Alex Franco Rodriguez Abarca, Consulting, Chile
  • Robert Rourke, Audit & Assurance, Toronto
  • Monique Sami, Tax & Legal, Toronto
  • Bianca Janina Santillana Castellano, Consulting, Chile
  • Ashee Sarin, Omnia AI, Montreal
  • Monika Sawa, Audit & Assurance, Kitchener, Ontario
  • Joel Scheuerman, Tax & Legal, Montreal
  • Jay Schwieg, Consulting, Ottawa
  • Mohamed Sheibani, Tax & Legal, Ottawa
  • Anita Shinde, Financial Advisory, Toronto
  • Adnaan Sikandar, Omnia AI, Toronto
  • Annipier Simard, Audit & Assurance, Alma, Quebec
  • TJ Singh, Audit & Assurance, Toronto
  • Nira Sivakumar, Omnia AI, Toronto
  • Christopher Slade, Tax & Legal, Toronto
  • Brian Stewien, Financial Advisory, Toronto
  • Margaret Sun, Consulting, Toronto
  • Regan Sun, Financial Advisory, Toronto
  • Cristian Tapia Salgado, Audit & Assurance, Chile
  • Tahanie Thabet, Consulting, Ottawa
  • Kendra Thompson, Consulting, Toronto
  • Alexandra Tomchik, Consulting, Toronto
  • Kirsten Tompkins, Audit & Assurance, Vancouver
  • Pedro Trevisan Vidal, Financial Advisory, Chile
  • Bessy Triantafyllos, Tax & Legal, Toronto
  • Daisy Vora, Risk Advisory, Toronto
  • Chris Watt Bickley, Tax & Legal, Ottawa
  • Lisa Weatherbed, Financial Advisory, Toronto
  • Marty Weintraub, Consulting, Toronto
  • Michael Whittaker, Consulting, Vancouver
  • Lilly Zhou, Tax & Legal, Toronto
  • Dale Zorgdrager, Audit & Assurance, London, Ontario

Congrats to all the new partners at Canada’s Green Dot!

[Deloitte Canada]

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