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September 28, 2023

Man Who Was Arrested For Repeatedly Stabbing a Hiker Near Los Angeles Apparently Works at BDO

We got a tip the other day that said an employee of one of the top accounting firms in the U.S. got into some trouble with the law last week:

Look into the stabbing from Altedena on May 29th. The alleged suspect, Kristopher Brown works as a Senior for BDO Los Angeles. He’s currently in jail on a $1,050,000 bail.

Sure enough, the website Pasadena Now reported that Brown, 35, allegedly jumped out from behind a bush and repeatedly stabbed an Altadena man hiking in Eaton Canyon near Pasadena, CA, on the evening of May 29. However, the article didn’t reveal Brown’s occupation or employer.

So, I asked our tipster, who used to work for BDO USA in California, for some more information about Brown. This person told me:

I did not work with him personally but I still have colleagues there and a few people reached out to me to let me know of the situation. They were in desperate need of seniors for this past busy season and they hired him to fill one of our spots. One of my old staff messaged me to let me know that they had removed Kristopher Brown from the BDO skype and email systems. He also informed me that his career adviser is the same as Kristopher’s and when he spoke with her they said they were certain it was him. He hasn’t been at work since the incident and no one has been able to get in contact with him. I have been in contact with several people who still work at the BDO LA office and they have all confirmed the same information.

I reached out to BDO to find out whether Brown is still an employee of the firm and if the firm wanted to issue a statement, but I still haven’t heard back from anyone yet. And I doubt I will.

The hiker, who was hospitalized with multiple stab wounds to his upper torso, survived the attack, but authorities said he faces a long road to recovery, according to Pasadena Now. The victim and Brown apparently didn’t know each other.

After he was stabbed on the hiking trail, the victim ran toward a nearby house and was allegedly chased by Brown and stabbed again before collapsing in the front yard of a home, according to published reports. Brown was arrested by authorities shortly afterward and they took possession of the knife he allegedly used in the attack.

Brown was in court on May 31, where he pleaded not guilty to one count each of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. As our tipster noted, Brown is being held on $1,050,000 bail. He is expected back in court on June 17.

We’ll update this article if we do hear back from BDO regarding Brown’s employment status.

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