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Let’s Talk CPA Exam: Working and Studying: How to Keep Your Sanity and Pass

For any of you CPA exam candidates looking to spend this Thursday evening in front of computer listening to my magical voice sharing infinite wisdom, you’re in for a treat.

You may or may not be aware that Phil Yaeger of Yaeger’s CPA Review has a weekly radio show where he talks about…wait for it…yes, the CPA exam. I’ll be the featured guest on Phil’s radio program this Thursday evening at 10 pm eastern time. We’ll be discussing the delicate balance of studying for those three special letters and working full-time. You’ll be able to call in with questions or if you feel compelled to berate me about typos or ask why Adrienne has to use so many curse words in her posts, I’ll be happy to oblige you with answers.

Click here if you’d like an email reminder for this week’s show. Whatever your motivation for calling in or listening, it should be a hoot.