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IRS: Hookers, Even if They Dress Up as Doctors, Do Not Qualify as Medical Expenses

sex_doctor.jpgWe’re not ones to judge people who prescribe to home remedy treatments of any kind. However, if you choose to run through questionable means of treatment, like say BJ’s, HJ’s, etc., as deductible medical expenses, you’re on your own.

A state judge has ruled that a 77-year-old Bay Ridge tax lawyer must pay back taxes after wrongfully deducting more than $300,000 for prostitutes, porn, sex toys and erotic massages…he dutifully documented each liaison in a notebook titled “Tax Journal,” in case he ever got audited

It sounds like the old guy was trying to be on the up and up about the whole dildo/Hustler/hooker-therapy methods but since paying for sex isn’t legal, the IRS and the New York state auditor (and are probably prudes) weren’t really down with the whole idea. He probably should have known better as Eliot Spitzer would have likely taken advantage of these deductions long ago had it been kosh.
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