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Here’s Your Open Thread For the Third CPA Exam Score Release of Q4 2019

Is it just me or did this year fly by? Maybe it’s because it’s like 60 degrees and rainy here in the Old South but it really doesn’t feel like December to me. I mean, it has to be because Alexa says so but this is the least December-y December I can recall in a long time. Whatever.

The calendars must be right because as promised, CPA exam scores chugged out right on time. Actually, they were a day early. Hopefully some people got 75s from Santa ahead of schedule.

There is just a single CPA exam score release left for 2019, expected on December 19. Today is the absolute last day of the year to sit for the exam soooo if you didn’t take care of business, well, better luck next year I guess.

As of now, we don’t have the 2020 CPA exam score release schedule but we’ll be sure to update you when we do. As we already know, we expect continuous testing to launch next year so it will be interesting to see how that plays out as far as score release schedules are concerned. As it stands, TPTB have not given an exact date for that launch, and we expect at least the first part of the year to be much like this past year as far as frequency of score releases is concerned. I mean, why change a good thing?

To those who got good news: congrats! And to those who failed, maybe this will help you decide if you should retake a failed CPA exam section or move on to a new one.