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Here’s a Look Inside Deloitte’s New Office Location at 30 Rock

Long ago, we broke the news that Deloitte would be consolidating its New York City offices into one location at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. This is exciting moment for all the NYC employees who will spend hours and hours staring a new blandly colored walls. This past week, there was a little fiesta to celebrate the new digs and it was documented on the firm's Facebook page. Let's take a look inside.

Here we are, walking in:

Looks like every elevator bank at every accounting firm you've ever seen, doesn't it?

Here's a nice view that most of you will never enjoy:

Here's a shot of the D Care where many, many, many tears will be shed:

Here's the cake that was served which I'm sure was delicious even though it looks like they picked it up from Costco:

The enamored party goers:

And last, but certainly not least, Barry Salzberg made an appearance:

Can't quite tell if he's a little put off by the photographer or if he's simply saying, "Get me out of this conversation. Or there's choice C which is that his eyes are glued on that cake and he's thinking, "Discipline. Discipline. Discipline."

Enjoy your new NYC home, Deloitte.