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Friday Footnotes: Take a Vacation, Get a Promotion?; FedEx and Toshiba Have Fun with Numbers; Well-Liked CEOs | 06.12.15

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Are the People Who Take Vacations the Ones Who Get Promoted? [HBR]

Carly Fiorina Shows Us Just How Weird America’s Tax System Is In the Fiorinas’ case, consider Michigan. The Fiorinas do not live or work in Michigan. They do not own a business or income-producing real estate there. Ms. Fiorina did not collect speaking fees from Michigan in 2013. But the Fiorinas do invest in a variety of funds, which generate income in a variety of places, including $946 in 2013 that was attributable to Michigan. So, the Fiorinas had to file a tax return there, which was 58 pages long, and reflects a liability of $40, which they paid. And then they got the money back. [Upshot/NYT]

FedEx to Book $2.2 Billion Pension Accounting Charge [WSJ]

Toshiba internal investigation finds more accounting problems [Reuters]

New City boss: I'm capping my pay and giving all staff chance to share in our profits The first female boss of a major City accountancy firm today announced a John Lewis-style profit share scheme that could boost salaries by 25 per cent as she called for a business revolution to bring back “trust and integrity”. Sacha Romanovitch, 47, also revealed she is capping her own salary as she looks forward to taking over as chief executive at Grant Thornton next month. Her pay will be limited to a maximum of 20 times the average salary in her firm. That is a fraction of the 149 times average ratio across FTSE 100 firms. [LES]

The 50 Most Well-Liked CEOs in the U.S. Weinberger is #18, Veihmeyer: #32. [FC]

Google Maps has the ultimate travel option for 'Game of Thrones' fans [DailyDot]