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Footnotes: Turbo Tim Geithner, KPMG Swings and Misses, Facebook Does Employees a Tax Solid | 09.10.12

French newspaper to France's richest man: "Get lost, you rich bastard" [NS via TaxProf]

Tim Geithner had a pretty good finish in Nation’s Triathlon 2:33:07 [WaPo]

KPMG strikes out in bid to toss Texas Rangers fraud suit [TRNI]

Finance Chiefs Should Steer Better Board Reporting, Experts Say [CFO]

Why Facebook Is Paying the Tax Tab on Employee Compensation [DealBook]

IPhone 5 Sales Could Offer Big Boost to GDP [WSJ]

Epic One-Man Beach Party Busted Because One Man Was Nude [A] 51-year-old Florida man had the essentials: a pair of 3D glasses, three 20-ounce cans of Ice House beer, a smashed cheeseburger, and a laptop (possibly to blast a little Bob Seger). Party time. But he got arrested because he was allegedly naked, and Bunche Beach isn't a nude beach. [HP]

Thinking About an Overseas Transfer? [WSJ]