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Footnotes: A Republican Circus; You Can’t Always Trust Your Accountant; Tax Fairy?! | 04.10.14

The Chicago Public School system used an "accounting trick" to find money. And by "accounting trick" it looks like that means "gladly pay themselves Tuesday for a hamburger today" [WGN]

There's Still Time To Lower Your 2013 Tax Bill (Really!) [Tax Girl via Forbes]

Client Sues Accountant Who Suggested Thieving Lawyer [The Daily Report]

Could it be that the latest twist in the IRS scandal is really just a Republican circus? Say it ain't so! [WaPo]

Federal deficit for first half of year is $413B [On the Money via The Hill]

Head over to the AICPA blog for confessions of a tax season junkie [AICPA]

Above the Law's Elie Mystal is at some conference or something learning all kinds of important things [Twitter]


Also on Twitter, did someone say tax fairy? [Twitter]


You thought YOU be grindin? Every day JPMorgan is hustlin' [Bloomberg View]

Nasdaq is having a crappy day [Bloomberg]