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Footnotes: Public Companies, Public Tax Returns?; Lerner Will Take the Fifth; Tea Party Protest Not Too Much | 05.21.13

Why public companies should have public tax returns [Felix Salmon]

Lois Lerner will invoke her Fifth Amendment privilege. [LAT]

New Accounting May Prompt Shift to Short-Term Leases, Fitch Says [Bloomberg]

Deloitte’s Echevarria Joins 9 Others on Obama Voting Commission [Bloomberg]

Just imagine if Apple could replace all those tax lawyers with creative new software geeks or industrial designers. It might win back some of the market share it has been losing to Android in recent years. [TaxVox]

MoreTaxpayers e-file from Home in 2013 [IRS]

"Dozens" of Tea Party Patriots Protest IRS Offices Nationwide [Gawker]

Woman Brags About Hitting Cyclist, Discovers Police Also Use Twitter [Jalopnik]

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